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FC Premium Connectors

Product code: 521-202-2KR

The FC Connector named as Fixed Connection Connector, which is originally developed by Seiko Instruments. It is one of the most popular connectors, because of its rugged metal housing, designed for use in unstable environments which provides a secure connection. The FC is a screw-in (thread) connector and has to be turned to make or break connection. The Fiberyo FC connector is available in both singlemode and multimode versions, and fully intermateable with NTT-FC products. Both singlemode and multimode have zirconia ferrules with pre-radiused PC profile and convex spherical end, or the 8o angle (SM) in a step or conical endface for the APC version. All our FC connectors are able to achieve low optical loss and back reflection while ensuring maximum repeatability. FC 1pc Connector and FC Connector kits are available for choices from us.


· Metal screw-in(thread) housing makes a secure connection

· Precision anti-rotation key and corrosion resistant body

· Low insertion and back refiection loss

· Free-fioating ceramic ferrule

· Available with a full range of UL-rated FC boots

· Compliance with Telcordia, TIA/IEA, IEC and JIS

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